Can my Permit be used at more than one of the Best Car Parks car parks?
Currently you can only use your Permit Card in the car park you purchased it for.

How do I make a complaint?
At Best Car Parks, we do everything to ensure that your experience as our customer is a positive one, but in the event that you wish to make a complaint please contact info@bestcarparks.ie Best Car Parks Ireland
Head Office on 01 9637079. Or write to us, detailing the specifics of your problem and the car park concerned, and address it to:

Customer Services Department

Best Car Parks Ireland
40 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4

Email: info@bestcarparks.ie

I use your parking facility regularly. Is there any way I can make a saving from this? Yes. We have a number of parking products which both offer savings and benefits to regular parkers. For more information email: info@bestcarparks.ie

What happens if my car breaks down in one of the Best Car Parks’ car parks?
Our parking staff will be happy to assist you and make appropriate arrangements to solve your problem. Our parking staff are located at the customer information desk in each of our parking facilities.

What parking fees will I have to pay when parking at one of your car parks?
Our parking facilities operate different parking fees or tariffs and charges are individual to each car park. Hourly Daily weekly and monthly parking rates for each car park are detailed on this website, and at the entry to each parking facilities

What time do your car parks open and close?
Details of car park opening hours are contained on this website. For more information > how can I contact for more car park information? Details of our car parks are available on this website. For more information > If you require additional information you can contact Bestcarparks Ireland Head Office on
01 9637079.

Online booking confirmation
CONFIRMED – Once the online booking is completed an email will be sent to the email address provided at the time of payment.
This email means the payment has been approved and your booking is confirmed. Please ensure the vehicle registration is correct on the email.
If your vehicle is clamped due to a wrong vehicle registration input then a clamp release fee will apply.
NOT CONFIRMED – If you do not receive an email confirmation. This means no booking has been made. If the card payment has been declined no booking will have been made.

Wrong Vehicle Registration
If you book your parking online and enter the wrong vehicle registration please contact us on 01 9637079 or email us at info@bestcarparks.ie to assist you.
If your vehicle is clamped due to the wrong vehicle registration on the booking, a clamp release fee of €30 will be charged.

Duplicate booking
If you think you might have made a duplicate booking you’ll need to let us know as soon as possible.
Contact us on 01 9637079 or email us at info@bestcarparks.ie to assist you.
Please note no refund is possible on a duplicate booking after the day of the parking.